Home of the Week: A look inside The Christmas House

By DONNA L. COLE For The Capital

The doors have opened yet again on the seasonal favorite known as The Christmas House, a decorators' show house located at the Springhill Center for Family Development in Crownsville. The nonprofit center, which provides a wide array of family-centric courses for all ages, is operated by the Legion of Christ, a Catholic religious congregation.

"This is our fourth year for the show house," explained Cheryl Rabbitt, co-chairman of The Christmas House.Why do they do this every year? The number of people who visited last year may give you a clue."We had several thousand," Ms. Rabbitt said. "This year we're hoping for 5,000; all the money goes to the Springhill Center."

At the far end of the hall is the breakfast room, "Breakfast at Tiffany's," done by Julie Bass of Julie Bass Interiors of Severna Park. Her inspiration was a combination of a striking fabric she found during her recent visit to the annual furniture market in Hyde Point, N.C.

"The last few markets, there's been a big influence of Hollywood glam," Ms. Bass said. The room is done in blues and golds, accessorized with pearls and dark woods, and also features a magnificent crystal chandelier. It's decadently glamorous, yet comfortable and inviting.

There are other rooms, powder rooms and hallways that are equally superb as those mentioned, but unfortunately it's impossible to write about them all. It truly is impossible to pick a favorite, and if you're looking for this writer to do so, you're out of luck, my friend.

Donna L. Cole is a freelance writer living in the Annapolis area.

Excerpt, originally published 12/13/08, Copyright © 2011 The Capital, Annapolis, Md.