Home of the Week: A holiday destination

By DONNA L. COLE, For The Capital

Dashing through the halls, a gorgeous home displayed, o'er yards and yards of fabric, inspired all the way! Designers take the lead, showing how it's done; funds help local families and you can have some fun. Oh! Christmas House, Christmas House, you've opened up your doors. Wishing happy holidays to you and all of yours!

There are some great holiday traditions I look forward to every year, and not just the one where I attempt to intertwine a holiday jingle with the "Home of the Week."

Far more inspiring and in a league of its own is the designer showcase known as The Christmas House, located at the Springhill Center for Family Development, a Crownsville-based nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening family relationships.

Now in its fifth year, The Christmas House is truly decorating inspiration at its best, providing some of the area's most talented designers with an empty space to call their own.This year, 15 designers transformed the plain into posh, the drab into dramatic and the ho-hum into high style, all within a mansion that dates to the 1850s.

"We would love it if The Christmas House became a family tradition for people," said Julie Bass, Christmas House co-chairwoman and frequent showhouse participant.

"Our goal this year, because this is our fifth anniversary, was to keep it fresh. We didn't want people going, 'I've been there before,' " Cheryl said. "We brought in new designers. I think people are going to be very excited.

"This year it's fresh, cutting edge - we wanted it to be a holiday destination."

Donna L. Cole is a freelance writer living in the Annapolis area.

Excerpt, originally published 12/12/09, Copyright © 2011 The Capital, Annapolis, Md.